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Dermacolla Beauty 30 ampoules

30 ampoules. Antii-aging formula

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Dermacolla is a premium brand of German vitamins aimed at preserving and restoring natural beauty, moisturizing the skin, accelerating hair growth and strengthening nails, delivering vital moisture to the tissues, and aiding the process that causes cellulite reduction.

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Dermacolla beauty
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5% of the cost of your purchases will be transferred to help Ukrainian defenders!

DERMACOLLA closely cooperates with Ukraine since 2019.

Ukrainian women visually demonstrate the effect of DERMACOLLA on their beauty. Almost all models who represent our product are of Ukrainian origin.

Besides that, the prominent Ukrainian climber, Irina Galay, was the author of the idea and co-developer of DERMACOLLA Sport. She became the first Ukrainian woman to climb the world’s highest mountain, Everest (8848 m), and the most dangerous mountain in the world – K-2 (8611 m).

Therefore, Irina, like nobody else, understands the importance of collagen and vitamins for professional athletes and active people. Nowadays, Irina is defending her country in the ranks of territorial defense.

After the attack of the Russian aggressor against Ukraine, our company primarily tried to help its Ukrainian colleagues to get to a safe place. We are transferring 5% of the cost of each purchase to help the Ukrainian defenders.

Therefore, we invite you to join our efforts. By purchasing Dermacolla products, you care not only about your beauty but also help those who defend their people, land, and freedom from the rabid monster that destroys Ukrainian cities and kills Ukrainian children!


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