DERMACOLLA - is a premium Nutri cosmetic product in the form of a drinking ampoule with collagen peptides



Action from inside is more powerful than external means
The impact of the care product on the skin is more effective than any external means because it gets into its deepest layers from inside. These layers are responsible for its elasticity and resilience. In addition, the care product has a complex rejuvenating effect on the whole body.

German quality
Dermacolla was developed and made in Germany and became the leader in the European market quite quickly. A new unique formula developed for Dermacolla was strengthened by a record quantity of collagen and hyaluronic acid in 2021.

It replaces many vitamins and other care products
Dermacolla Sport is a unique composition of useful substances and vitamins which create an ideal cocktail for recovery and rehabilitation of the whole body and fill it with all necessary elements for sports activities.

Important for athletes and active people

Collagen plays the most important role for athletes:

  • it has a direct impact on the strengthening and regeneration of cartilage tissue and bones;
  • sufficient quantity of collagen in the body, significantly reduces the risk to get injuries;
  • prevents a cartilage tissue depletion;
  • improves the elasticity of ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

It replaces the shelve of creams, masks and other means
The unique formula of Dermacolla Beauty has a powerful and complex impact on the skin "from head to toe", hair, nails, etc. Besides that, it may be even considered a painless alternative to “beauty injections”.

Dermacolla beauty
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Dermacolla sport
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